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Capturing Your Tree in All Seasons

It's hard to believe we are in the final month of summer!

Some of our children have already headed back to school.

Some of us are ready to jump back into our homeschooling routine with both feet .....and some of us are still eking out the last few weeks of summer before we enter back in to our studies.

Wherever you are in your life–know that it's just right for you.

At the same time, nature just keeps on cycling, regardless of where we find ourselves...she's steady and true like that. ;)

With the temperatures dropping (in the Northern Hemisphere) over the next couple of months, let's take this opportunity to capture some of the flora in their summer prime!

Regardless of your geographic location, you can join in wherever you find yourself in the world, as you can begin this in any season.

This week we are capturing a favorite tree in all its summer verdancy.

We will be observing and capturing the same tree, in each season…so ideally it one to which you can return.

This practice helps us tune into and more deeply connect with nature and our surroundings. It can be grounding and meaningful for our children.

You and your child can capture this visually in any way you'd like. You can use finger paints, watercolor, colored pencils, crayons or markers.

You can even represent your chosen tree working with beeswax, clay or dough.

If your children are older or you want to do this project as well, needlefelting can be a satisfying way to capture nature.

I have included some of my favorite watercolors, crayons, colored pencils, etc. down below.

The piece of fiber art (depicted in the photo) hangs in my home above our nature table, and is rotated according to the season we are celebrating. It is a lovely example of capturing the seasons with needle felting.

So, before you pull out your autumn décor (if you're a seasonal decorator) take a moment to capture this tree with your child at the height of the summer season.

To find your special tree, as with all of the Weekly Wonder nature adventures, you can:

-visit a nearby park

-look out your window (if going outside isn’t a possibility)

-head into the forest

-explore your own back yard (or a friend’s…and take them along!)

- snap a photo and create from that

Perhaps your child even wants to create a tree from their imagination and imagine what their tree would look like in summer. That’s okay too. ;)

Moving forward, we will create this same tree in every season.

Once you are finished with your project, you can:

-draw 4 frames on a piece of paper for them in which to depict each season as the year progresses.

-stick it on your refrigerator

-clip it up on a string attatched, clotheslines-style (this is how we displayed much of our art)

Proudly display this example of the beautiful connection your child has made with nature…their chosen tree in that season.

I encourage you, as the parent or guide, to join in.

It is imperative that our children see us creating alongside of them.

A wonderful foundational bond is laid along the way as well.

You are also modeling for the next generation that creating (in all its various forms), expressing ourselves artistically and intimately connecting with nature is not something that you stop doing when you become an adult.

You are showing them that it a way to stay stay young, free, flowing and true to yourself.

Now, go make some art AND some memories!

*A few products my children and I have worked with for many, many years and have had good experiences with:

  • Stockmar beeswax block or stick crayons

  • Stockmar watercolor paints

  • Using actual watercolor paper (ex. Strathmore) will offer a better experience (thick, sturdy, allows nice paint saturation, etc.)

  • Lyra colored pencils

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