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by Kristin Addington Culpepper
(Parenting Expert, Intuitive Guide, Author, Weave Sunshine Publishing Author)

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The Lonely Toadstool

by Kristin Addington Culpepper

The Lonely Toadstool Snail

Regardless of age, we all struggle at times with letting our real feelings and needs be heard. 


This is the message of The Lonely Toadstool, a story that empowers children to express themselves, knowing they are safe and will be surrounded with a caring community. When the lonely toadstool can no longer hold in his loneliness and despair, he “lets out a cry” and is surprised when the result is newfound friends and a welcome feeling of peace. Forest animals, a gnome, a fairy, insects and more, all creatures he thought were very different from him, hear his cry, and his anguish causes them to cease their activities and form a search party to help their neighbor in need.

As if holding their hand in friendship, this enchanting poetic story gently encourages the reader to see the importance of letting their own emotions and needs be known and to experience the unexpected human joy of exchanging loneliness for love and acceptance.

The Lonely Toadstool

Pile of The Lonely Toadstool Books
Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Award for The Lonely Toadstool Book
The Lonely Toadstool Book Interior

Parenting Expert, Intuitive Guide and Author
Weave Sunshine Publishing Founder

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The Lonely Toadstool Craft/Make Your Own Bookmark—Gnome and Snail

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with original recommendations, descriptions and references by
Kristin Addington Culpepper

(Parenting Expert, Intuitive Guide and Author)

The Lonely Toadstool Craft/Make Your Own Bookmark—The Toadstool

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Weave Sunshine Publishing presents
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“…and what is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?”
-Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


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Space for Me, Alive and Free!
Banana Seat Bike
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Phoenix Rising
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True to Me and Room for You
Wonder as I Wander
The Giggles

Case Study
The Gobbles

Come Out!
Do Animals Laugh?
What If?
So Much To Do!
Does Anyone Know?
Bird Brain
The Omnivorous Guinea Pig
Popcorn Piggies
Too Hot!
The Moon
The Peek-a-Boo Shrew
Hurry up!

Kristin Addington Culpepper's Message to the World


"Don't settle for an average life when there's always a way into the sky if we keep our hearts open to it,
believe it's forever there and have the courage to go towards it."

All of my poetry and every cell in my being points to and embodies this theme. It’s my desire for humanity to experience this. I am here to help those who are ready to dig out of the heavy heartedness and pain of shame, etc. and into the light of their own “poetry" of joy, hope, peace and harmony with oneself and the world. Are you ready to remember the magic, wonder and joy in you? Your soul is patiently waiting to be uncovered, dusted off, and aired out so that it can dance and shine brightly once more. Shall we dance?

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