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with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper (Parenting Expert and Author)

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Around the Year

The Alfie Book of Outdoors

A Child's Calendar

Another impeccably illustrated seasonal treasure with a lovely verse and clever, whimsical illustration to go along with each month.

Stories of the childhood we all deserved and moments we want for our own children. Soft illustrations depicting connection between family, nature and the wonder of it all.

Lovely book of the seasons captured in picture and verse. There is a catchy rhyming poem for each month and the book follows the same family who is depicted each month fully engaged in and embracing the seasonal activities

Little Witch Hazel   
A Year in the Forest

The Complete Brambly Hedge

Sesame Seasons    A Golden Book 
Stories, Games and Things to do all year long!

Written and illustrated by a homeschooler- relatable, nostalgic and steeped in nature and the imagination. One story per season.

 Four individual books in this collection, one for each season.  If you enjoy Beatrix Potter’s characters and stories, these will be a welcomed addition to your story rotation and book collection.

 A favorite of mine growing up- these guys are always having a good time and it was so easy to jump right into their world!

A Time to Keep: The Tasha Tudor
Book of Holidays 

The Fourteen Bears Summer
and Winter

 A beautifully illustrated treasure of the seasons, their holidays and traditions, month by month.

I was so taken with this book as a little one- such fun getting a peek at the bear family as they go through their daily activities in summer and then again in winter.  This one could be tricky to find buy, so check out your library or used book stores and websites.  

Circle of Seasons

 A sweet way to connect little ones with the simple joys of each season.  These are wonderful to have as board books.

The Story of the Root Children

 A sweetly told and illustrated story of the Root Children making preparations for and celebrating each season.

My Favorite Time of Year

This book oozes family, community and togetherness as well as how we prepare for, thrive in, and thoroughly ENJOY
each season!

The Berenstain Bears Nature Guide

What can be better than a book teaching about nature in poetry form with colorful illustrations AND Papa Bear??? I can’t think of a lot! ;). This is a fantastically fun way to weave a little nature lesson into the day of your little one. 

Beverile Manson's Fairies
A Celebration of the Seasons

The illustrations of fairies in this book are among the best I’ve ever seen…and I admit to having a LOT of fairy books!  Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies are also worth checking out for sure.  This book will connect you with the months, seasons, plants and flowers appearing in each season (and illustrated spread) as well as the animals you might see frolicking about on your nature walks or outside your window.

A Year Around the Great Oak

A book for all those tree lovers who want to impart this passion, along with some supporting knowledge, to the next generation.  The illustrations are detailed, realistic, beautiful, strong, inviting and warm and all at once.  As one who adores the forest and its inhabitants and has a deep reverence for trees, this one is worth reading.  There is some wonderful information in the back to help you delve a little deeper with your older children into what you might be lucky enough to find on your next adventure into the forest!

Children of the Forest

The story of one family of “forest people” through the year and the adventures of their four adorable children. Squirrels, toads, bats, owls, creeks, snakes, berry hunting, snow adventures, trolls, fairies, rabbits, school with the forest animals and more are found in the pages of this treasure of a book.


3 children, with a little help from “Dad”, bring a dried up, littered pond back to life.  The wildlife returns along with the water and the children explore the delight a pond can bring in each season.  This story displays the “can-do” spirit of a child and how we can come alongside and support their sometimes seemingly impractical, but always inspiring dreams and visions.  We have 2 creeks behind our house- 1 is flowing and free and the other, a neighbor tends to dump last year’s grasses and cut up fallen trees in.  Many times, the children (and I) have taken up this noble task to clear out this creek so that the water can flow once more.  It takes determination, perseverance, hard work and a lot of heart.

Sun Snow Stars Sky 

A simple book for very little ones depicting things they might see or experience in each season as the weather changes and as the day turns to night.

A Year in Our New Garden

Anyone that loves trees, gardens of any kind, birds will appreciate this book.  Anyone who whose heart believes that all things can be restored and made beautiful or enjoys the idea of multigenerational families working hard side by side and community coming together to make it all happen- THIS IS YOUR BOOK!  The illustrations are adorable and so captivating.  There is so much wonderful detail in each scene. Craft ideas and recipes are even shared as they relate to the content on the page!  This is a remarkably unique book and much can be gleaned from it on numerous levels.

Outside Your Window
A First Book of Nature

This is feels like a compilation of thoughts, experiences, ideas, and illustrations of all things nature and the seasons in which there is something for everybody.  They are all from a child’s perspective. Great variety is presented in a way that you never know what you’ll find when you turn the page, which keeps you guessing and  makes it fun!

The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies

This houses the collection of the individual flower fairy books for each season as well as an added selection of fairy rhymes.  The poems are rhythming and informative and the illustrations are dainty, detailed and colorful. The combination of fairies with the knowledge of flowers and their “personalities” is priceless.  This could be a door to exploring and finding these lovely specimens in your own yard, on your hikes and beyond with your little ones.


This is a peek through book that follows one tree through all the seasons.  There are many details, colors and characters to notice with your little one, making it very interactive. The setting of each scene is exactly the same, making is fun to see what is changing about the landscape, animals, leaves, insects, etc. 


A Peek-through picture book that follows baby bear though the forest and the seasons. Your little one will enjoy following alongside as baby bear observes what the other animals in the forest are busy doing and how they live. The way the pages are strategically cut out and layered is a treat as well!

Our Seasons

A great book for the whippersnappers that like to ask, “Why?”  This satiates curious minds and in answering some of their many questions pertaining to nature.  There is also an option to simple read the story without going into all the details, although I have a feeling they’ll want you to expound at least one!

Days to Celebrate

A Full Year of Poetry, People, Holidays, History, Fascinating Facts, and More is the subtitle and it thoroughly covers the treasures within this book.  A calendar for each month with fun facts on each day!  A poem or several, influential people in history born or celebrated that month and captivating illustrations round out this gem.


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In the meantime...

by Kristin Addington Culpepper 
Parenting Expert and Author

Mother Earth and Her Children
A Quilted Fairy Tale

An elaboration of Sibylle von Olfers The Root Children with illustrations in the form of fiber art. Truly astounding if you appreciate the detail and skill of handwork. A double delight if you are familiar with and a fan of
The Root Children!

A Book of Seasons

For those who appreciate introducing your children to vintage books, this is a sweet one.  It is filled with inviting illustrations of children in nature, enjoying each season to the fullest! A balance between information about the seasons and the experience that can make each season special from a child’s perspective.

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