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A World of Magic Awaits Those Who Will Venture There

"A world of magic, whimsy, wonder and wisdom awaits those who dare to open all their senses.

I know because I’ve been there.”

This is a quote of mine on my website and it is true...whatever that means to you.

How long has it been since you allowed your imagination to roam free and dance to whatever realms it so desired?

While out in nature, I can’t help but feel and connect to the spirits of the natural elements such as the wind, water, wood, etc. as well as the plants and animals.

If you have felt their calming, grounding effects, then you have connected with their presence as well.

Can you let your imagination open up a bit more than usual and allow the fairies, sprites, gnomes, and other realms in….if not for your sake—to lighten your heart, for the sake of your child?

Fairy houses have been created all over our home, in our woods and yard for years. Last week, I moved some furniture while windows were being installed and found two fairy communities that were going strong for years.

It was such a joy to see and remember the tiny, hand crafted (by my kiddos) tables, a fancy restaurant, some sparkly gems, signs pointing the fairies to the different areas, etc.

Do you allow this? Encourage this?

Our imaginations connect us with realms beyond our sometimes challenging and mundane world here.

The friends met and made in these realms can be just the support needed to get through a tough time back here on Earth. This is true for you too…not just little ones.

This week, my challenge to you is to step outside with your child and find a place they (or both of you) feel some of these fairies, etc. might frequent or enjoy hanging out. Then decide what they might appreciate having in that space and begin creating a world for them right there.

Once you let down your adult guard, your inner child will begin to arise and take charge. THIS, my friend, is where even more magic happens.

By you connecting with your inner child, guess what starts to happen?

Yep- your child can more easily connect with you.

And isn’t that what this parenting journey is all about?

Once you establish this fairy… world, house or whatever you make it, you can continue collaborating with your child. It can become whatever you want! You might find yourself adding to it for months or years if you can put it in a place that doesn’t need to be moved.

There is a home near me, tucked away in the woods, that has an entire fairy village in their front yard for child and adult alike to delight in as they pass by. It makes me smile and want to walk a little slower to see the “latest” additions. What a gift to the passer-byers- it’s an option, guys! ;)

I believe with all my heart, as you know if you have spent any time on my website, that magic is truly all around us. No-one can convince me otherwise.

Remember my quote, “A world of magic, whimsy, wonder and wisdom awaits those who dare to open all their senses. I know because I’ve been there.” Do you “dare?”

Can we, as parents and grandparents begin embracing this as a possibility or dare I say even a truth?

Our children would sure feel supported, free and just a little more connected to you, in the meantime.

Oh, and keep your eyes open for any changes or additions in this fairly world you create together....they happen. ;)

(a quick photo I just took of a little "realm" on our kitchen bar)

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