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Creating “Moments” as Mile Markers

Well, my wonder this week is WHERE IN THE WORLD THE WEEK WENT!?!

I’m guessing you can relate.

We enjoyed our July 4th celebration with friends and neighbors, fireflies, a bike ride, sparklers, festive food, the great outdoors, music and fireworks….all in our neighborhood!

It actually felt fairly simple and easy.

THEN the rest of the week:

-kids to camp

-preparing and packing one to go on a trip for a week

-receiving another home after having been gone camping all week (and we all know THAT means heaps of laundry, emotional rollercoasters, etc. as they decompress and process the fun they had while at camp)

Add to this:


-an emergency vet visit that resulted in syringe feeding and medicating a guinea pig several times a day for the next several weeks

-all the normal household chores and activities

-CRAZY logistics: only 2 kiddos with 2 parents….how does it become this complicated?


We create moments.

Moments that serve as mile markers along this road we travel are what slow things down.

These moments can consist of a family board game…Twister, anyone?

A change in the routine….pushing back bedtime to stargaze together.

Making a special treat to share…a favorite dessert, perhaps?

You know I’m a HUGE fan of heading to the library to let your child check out whatever they want- go CRAZY! Bring several bags and encourage them to pick out whatever they want and then head home to read them ALL! One at a time: before a nap, or as part of your bedtime routine….around the table at a meal has always been our favorite time to share a story.

Maybe it’s an adventure to a new, yet nearby destination you can experience for the first time together.

A “moment” is like a bookmark.

It allows you to savor the precious moments of your life and your time with your children.

A moment allows you to create memories while giving you time out of the normal “dailyness” of life to actually digest anything that has not had time to process….to take in all the goodness you hadn’t made time to savor in all the running around.

A moment could be anything you want it to be…anything that will allow you to look back on your week and remember that THAT was the moment, the thing, the feeling of beingness, that you recall from that week.

It may be the ONLY thing you recall of your week and that is okay.

A moment…..the possibilities are endless and yet simple is just as precious as elaborate.

EVERYthing is sacred, my friend.

Everything can be celebrated.

Anything can be made ceremonious.

The finding of a special feather or snail shell, fossil or piece of wood welcomed inside and placed on a table can be the beginings of a tradition (a seasonal nature table or altar) and a celebration of connecting with nature.


A moment.

Gathering for breakfast together, lighting a candle, sharing a verse or prayer that is special to you, a meal and a book or a passage from a book.

That is ceremony.

That is sacred.

That is a moment.

May your week we full of these “moments.”

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