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What Will Your (Little One's) Garden Grow?

This week, we’re dreaming and wondering about all the possibilities a garden can bring into our lives….

I wonder, if you give your child a space to create a garden, how would they respond?

What would they plant?

How can you support them in their vision and in bringing this to life?

Your support will make them feel very important, building their confidence in themselves while giving them a little autonomy.

They'll know you're taking them and their ideas seriously...and rightly so!

Can you visit a local botanical garden and see which flowers “speak” to them?

(the little girl in the above photo is me, by the way) ;)

Take note and pick out one (or several) that they would like to have at home to take care of themselves (maybe with a little help).

Try visiting a nursery/garden center and see which plants and flowers your child gravitates towards there. You can tell them why you’re there or not, whichever best suits your child.

Notice the lighting and soil requirements for the plant they choose and see if you can give that plant the specific nurturing it needs.

Even a window box or hanging planter in the shade can support certain plants.

Just a bit of potting soil and a container it can grow into is a great start to building that garden!

Check out Weave Sunshine’s picture booklistlinks below) for May and June on the website for some inspiration to support the building of a container garden or even a little plot.

Have fun dreaming (and getting a little dirty and messy) with your little one this week!

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