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What Feeds & Nourishes the Soul...It's Simpler Than You're Making It

There is so much to celebrate this time of year!

Does anyone else feel their head spinning to fit it all in and make it “perfect” for their children?

The MOST special? A July 4th or summer they’ll always remember?

Maybe you’re trying to check all the boxes or mark every item off you list of fun summer “to dos” that you made a month ago in a hopeful, energetic state.

I feel you. Your energy has been drained a bit since then.

Your nerves are a bit frazzled a month in.

If not, more power to you.

If so, there is wonderful news!

Remember creek walks? (This is STILL one of my favorite things EVER!)

(above: my kiddos at our creek finding AMAZING fossils and clearly thrilled!)

I just asked my children a few of their favorite summer activities over the years and here are some:

Sidewalk chalk: “drawing towns on the driveway”

Building forts in the woods

Catching or observing the fireflies (if they are native to your area)

Listening to the crickets and katydids at night, cicadas during the day

Watching the clouds float by during the day

Star gazing on a blanket with the family

Playing in the sprinkler or making your own “slip and slide”

Water balloons


Swinging (on homemade swing, hammock, rope swing or "Swurfer")

S’mores over an outdoor fire

Canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating or boarding

Bike, scoot toy, etc. rides


Reading aloud together (anywhere—hammock, woods, treehouse, park bench, the family table, etc.)

Painting outside (rocks were a favorite…something that is open-ended)

Sand and water table for very little ones

Make a “boat” to sail down the creek (a leaf or stick work just as well)

Caring for, eating from and harvesting your tomato plant, berries or other herbs you are growing (in a pot, etc.)


PAUSE, dear one.....

Check in with your body....are you smiling?

How does your body feel after taking in all those photographs of nature, people interacting with nature and the joy and freedom apparent on their faces?

Just notice.


These are all fairly simple, and many child-led ways to enjoy your summer days together.

Most of them have very little equipment involved nor do they require incredible knowledge or skill on your part, so no drain there.

Just good ole’ fashion fun…the kind children have enjoyed for years.

Children connecting with the wonder of nature.

Can we as parents step aside, retiring our “super mom/dad” capes for a while and just allow the natural wonder to unfold?

Can we allow things to flow organically without us orchestrating everything?

I know we can.

We provide the love, nurture, access to nature and some boundaries for our children and let them go. Go with them, or follow along at a distance.

Enjoy watching the exploration, the wonder, the curiosity about and deep connection to all things “wild”.

Drink deeply of this medicine.

For this, my friend, is what life is about.

This is what truly feeds and nourishes the soul of “man.”

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