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What Did They Choose?


What plant did your little one pick out last week?

Was it a one with foliage only?

Did it have showy, colorful flowers?

Perhaps a succulent?

Or was it an edible plant—an herb, veggie or fruit?

This is fun to notice as it could even tell you a little about their personality!

Take a moment to check in with your child and see how they are feeling about caring for their new friend.

Has it been fun for them? Hard work? Exciting?

Are they wanting to water it and check on it all the time?

Are they taking a more balanced approach?

Have they forgotten about it?

Is it still alive?

Wonder aloud about this with your little one.

Check on the plant with them and observe it with all your senses.

Can you see it? Smell it, perhaps? Even some leaves have a fragrance.

Touch it?

It’s probably best not to taste it (unless you know it’s edible)….

Ah, but can you hear it?

You can wonder together how plants “speak” to us.

Are their leaves browning and flowers drooping? This is the plant sending us a message- speaking to us in it’s own special language that something is wrong.

Hmmm…..what could it be? What a great opportunity to wonder together, connecting to one another and to nature.

This is another fabulous week to grab some of the books off the May and June booklists that surround gardening, plants and nature.

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