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Weekly Wonder 2/14

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The Weekly Wonders are meant to be pondered alongside your little ones through exploration and play.

So head outside and follow some animal tracks. Take your magnifying glass and binoculars to look for evidence. Check out relevant library books (my monthly seasonal booklists could be of assistance) and dig in. Let yourself wander and see what can you discover in this big, beautiful world of ours!

When you're finished wondering, wandering, exploring and discovering, bring your findings home to the group to share the magic with us all. We'd love to see your photos, learn of any special books or other things you found that helped you experience these wonders.

2/14/22: Valentine’s Day gets us thinking about feeling love and showing affection.

I wonder....can all living things can experience and show love?

Can you find examples in nature of affection?

Let’s grab our explorer backpacks, sketch pads, and parents with cameras and go find out!

Draw or take a photo of what you find, write, sing, or act out what you discover. Did you find a new favorite book that helped you find your answer? We’d all love to know so pop your findings in the group.

Unfortunately, Idid not see these in my back yard, like the other photos. However, I love wolves and sharing the truth that they are highly intelligent, playful, loyal and affectionate and love their families just like we do!

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