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Challenge for Change

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Those of you not quite ready for the work of digging for treasure of YOU buried within, but you want to play with it a little on the surface, weaving it into your everyday life…this is for you. It is also for those just starting to stand on their own two feet, newly free of the “should”, have-tos, need-tos, etc. you have recognized as not your own and thrown off.

The Challenge for Change is designed to help you start to recognize your own impulses, sources of excitement, your authentic joys, what uniquely lights you up and ultimately, your amazingly brilliant, wise and powerful intuition. Recognizing and routinely acting on your intuition will set and keep you on your own unique path, the one you were designed to skip, tiptoe, march, dance, trudge, etc. down in your own way. This is also what enables us to live in a state of harmony with our authentic soul-selves once we excavate, dust off, air out and become reacquainted with them.

Your buried authentic self might quietly whisper- “Go this way, not that.” Your job is to hear, listen and act on that quiet whisper. Your soul-self might nudge you- “Uh, uh” and you’ll know to not do that thing. You might have a bubbling up of childlike excitement that prompts you to do a log roll down that beautiful, grassy hill with your children (or without)- follow that excitement. Maybe you feel like singing or humming “Zipity Do-Dah” while grocery shopping….notice how you respond. Does your mind tell you that you “shouldn’t”? Uh-Oh. There it is- as long as it’s not going to harm anyone or break any laws, DO IT! Follow that prompt from within. It’s YOU trying to come out! That’s terrific news!

Acknowledging yourself in these ways helps lighten your load, raise your vibration within and around you, and ultimately change your life’s trajectory. It’s that simple. With every decision we make we are changing the path we’re on, the direction our life is heading, even if just slightly. Why not change it to once again (or for once) align with who we really are. This is how we begin to uncover or actual souls. We catch a glimpse, a taste, of who we uniquely are at our core, who we are here to be and what we’re here to do in this lifetime.

I say “it’s that simple” and at the same time, there is more exploring we can do, more awaiting us whenever we’re ready for the next discovery. Only you know if you’re ready for that next adventure. What is your body doing, how is it feeling as you read this? If your heart is beating faster, your body is leaning in towards these words as you read or you’re reading faster- observe and take note. This more than likely means your soul is ready to see the light of day once more. Maybe you notice your mind saying, “You don’t have time. That’s not true. That’s not for you. Who do you think you are to go on an adventure? What if you don’t like what you find? That sounds irresponsible. What will people think? You shouldn’t….” These are all signs that your soul is likely still actively being suppressed, even though you’re not consciously doing it.

All the aforementioned reactions are indicators that your soul is ready to be remembered and to come out to play. Our minds/egos want to keep us safe (ref. poem “I Know”?) and they do that by keeping things the same, in what we know and in the same patterns. They don’t like change. There is no malintent, but the Divine in us knows better than our ego.

The Divine in us knows….our souls are divine. They are eternal, immeasurably wise, beautiful, capable and here with great purpose.

Shall we continue with what we’ve been doing that has weighed many of us down, held us back, kept us small or looking, acting and thinking like everyone else, or shall we see who really wants to come out and play? I don’t know about you, buddy, but I’m gonna play!

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