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Around The Bend Syndrome

Anyone else have “Around the Bend Syndrome”?

This is a real thing… least I know I have it. ;)

Whenever I’m on a walk, a hike, anywhere really, if I see a path that is hidden or not traveled, a bend in the trail, another door to enter, an interesting tree, flower, person, critter, ANYthing around that corner…I’m headed that-a-way!

It could also be called “what’s behind that stand of trees syndrome”, “just over that hill syndrome” or “under that (fill in the blank) syndrome.”

Sound familiar? I’ve been this way my whole life.

I realize now that I am an explorer, one out for adventure and always wondering.

Not everybody wants to join in on my adventures “around the bend”. My daughter told me a couple of years ago, “Not everything is a mystery, Mama.” (I beg to differ….everything could be.)

My family groans when I suggest, “Let’s just see what’s around that corner”… “You ALWAYS say that!” they reply.

My dog actually refuses to leave the neighborhood for walks (with me) because she never knows how far we’ll go or where we’ll end up. She's a bull dog and they are big babies. If I get her in the car for our adventures outside the neighborhood, she doesn’t have as much “say”. ;)

Yet, I’m always the trail guide, the one planning the adventures. They do trust me deep down because they (not always my dog) follow me.

Whether you know or feel it or not, you are a trail guide as well.

These “Adventures” you plan and are on could be the daily calendar, the school year (especially if you’re homeschooling), vacations, PARENTHOOD....

You are CURIOUS! You are a wonderer, a ponderer, a wanderer. What an exciting and BIG way to live!

For those of you who can relate, you are comfortable with outward adventure.

Here it comes—how much do you practice turning that curiosity inward?

For those who are not all about seeing what is around that next bend and are honestly a little afraid to venture into the unknown, may I suggest this could be a reflection of what’s going on inside? Fear, anxiety, shut down, freeze mode stuck on in the nervous system….

It’s okay- either way, it’s all okay. Maybe this is the day this tendency (and opportunity) is brought to your awareness.

This is a big, beautiful, magical world. It really is! And you, my friend, are too! Let’s not stay stuck, small, afraid, in that “box”…

Let’s live the expansive, free, aligned life we were created to live!

Check out the My Light Heart program at (under the “Shop Programs” tab) to help you experience fully living this life on the outside and in.

Here’s to having that adventure TODAY- inside and out!

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