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A Tree Big Enough for Two...

Sycamores along the Little Miami River in Cincinnati, OH. It's hard to believe they get big enough for us to stand inside! You'll always find them growing along rivers and near water.


This week, I wonder if you can find a tree big enough to fit in! They're out there.

Can you tell what type of tree it is?

How many can you find this week?

If you find more than one, do they look like the same type of tree?

How many people would it take to hold hands and fit all the way around it like a big hug?

What other critters might be making their home in that big tree? See if you can find evidence of any. Nests, fur, feathers, scales skin, holes in bark, cavities in tree....if you find any insects, birds or animals, what are they doing?

If you don't have trees near you, you can find lots of wonderful picture books about trees to see how big they can get...I think a fun booklist 100% on trees will be my next order of business!

You can draw your tree or draw one from your imagination.

Maybe it's big enough to fit your whole family- pets and all! What would THAT look like?

What would its name be? I have a giant basswood tree in the woods behind my house named Horace. Ask your tree its might be surprised. ;)

If you find one or draw your own, take a photo and post it to #weavesunshine or weave sunshine on FB.

Where we live, in SW Ohio, we have a lot of monstrous sycamores growing along the rivers. Below is a photo from an adventure in Cumberland Falls (KY), taken 9 year ago and then a photo taken on our family's hike this afternoon in Cincinnati! Both are in sycamore trees.

You can take a photo of you and your special tree today and each year thereafter as you grow. How special that would be to look back on each year!

Go grab your adventure backpack and start making some memories!

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