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A New Perspective

This week was exciting!

The windows we ordered for our home back in January we finally installed.

The ones we replaced were either cracked and/or cloudy so that our view to the outdoors was obscured.

The light could not pass through some of them without the obstruction of the fog or cracks affecting it.

Do you ever feel like this? As though your message is just not getting through to your child? As though your child feels you don’t understand, really "get" or see him/her?

You all are just “missing” each other.

You want to be able to see into your child’s heart to understand.

You, as the parent, want to be heard, seen and understood as well.

However, you are looking out a cloudy window with a partially obstructed view.

What is causing this obstruction?

It could be so many things. Stress, overwhelm, a nervous system in shut down, conditioning from your childhood….I could go on and on.

What matters is that you can clearly see your child’s heart and soul and that they feel seen by you.

There are a myriad of opportunities available to you to start the healing process to unblock your view, lessen the heaviness in your heart that you carry. This is the heaviness that keeps you from clearly seeing and being present for your child AND yourself.

The light of your child cannot freely shine in your window, your being likely because of these same things.

For now, my friend, I have a simple practice for you both.


It’s literally that simple.

Only caveat—NO PHONES or other screens ALLOWED!

Go on a walk, look for feathers, splash in a creek, a puddle, try to identify birds or even animals if you’re newer at this.

Follow your child’s lead.

If they are conditioned to spending a lot of time on a screen, you might need to throw out a couple of choices for them to pick from so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by the choices or stuck.

Go for a bike ride, a hike in the woods, throw a ball, look for fireflies at night, swing in a hammock, watch the ducks at a local park’s pond, stargaze, play in a sand box…you can just fill a small container with sand or water.

Play in the sprinkler… a popsicle together…

…just get outside.

Going outside naturally lowers our stress levels, calms our minds, allows us to breathe and connect more deeply to our own hearts and those of our children’s with whom we are sharing the experience.

Spending time outside with no big agenda, other than to connect, explore and be together outdoors is enough to start clearing up that fog.

Being together outside is enough to start the process of letting the light in, seeing one another’s unique AWESOMENESS!

It’s enough to open up a little, share a bit more, let your guard down, set aside “roles” of parent and child and just be two beautiful souls enjoying each other’s company….I think you know what I mean.

Do you have some windows that need replacing in your life?

Are there some cracks that could use mending—some fog that could benefit from being cleared out of your relationship with your child?

Step outside together with that intention and feel the difference.

Book a free call with me if you’d like access to the lifelines I used to move myself from this place I’m describing—a place of heaviness and exhaustion. They are available to you now….you are worth it.

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