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Tea Bags & Spices into Something Marvelous

Patterns- have you been noticing any in your life recently?

The last couple of weeks have been full of quick assessments of items around my home that are no longer serving my family, we no longer identify with or are just not where we are going.

How often do we hold onto things that USED to be us, keeping us chained to a past version of ourselves?

If we wish to fully embrace who we are TODAY, in this moment, we must allow our environments, relationships, etc. to evolve along with us.

This does not mean forgetting the past or not honoring it for how it helped you on your path to becoming who you are today.

It just means leaving the things behind that you’re unconsciously or habitually holding onto as well as the things that are holding you back or harming you in some way.

I LOVE history, learning about and celebrating my ancestors and continuing on with rituals that support who I am right now and where I am going.

In the last week or so, I have donated countless bags of goodies, recycled BINS full of recyclables, filled our giant compost almost FULL of expired flours, spices, etc. and I realized something in the midst of it.

These items had been held onto all these months, years and decades from a mindset of lack, scarcity and limitation.

What if I needed them? What if I never….what if I have to…what if I can’t, what if I don’t have.….it’s all coming from the anxious, fearful place of lack and limitation.

In my case, I know when it started…it was a broken relationship in my teenage years, abandonment, tough stuff….real life stuff. We all have it.

I clearly see it all now…as I’m letting it all go.

For me this year has started with sending some expired spices and tea bags back to the earth for her to make something beautiful and useful out of (as she always does) and has blossomed into something much bigger—something marvelous!

How about you?

What are you letting go of that is no longer "you?"

How can you blossom from this truly sacred act?

What is your marvelous going to be this year?

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