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A Nature Tradition

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

There is no week like this week to start a tradition in nature with your children! I could say that about every week. ;)

I wonder, what it will be?

Will it be feeding the birds in your yard?

Identifying and pulling invasive species in your yard or volunteering to do it at a park?

Will you gather flowers for your dinner table?

Maybe you visit with a “friend”- a bird, frog, turtle, duck, squirrel, spider, etc. who you pass or see daily.

Here are some photos I took of a few friends that live in our backyard- plants, fish, frogs, rabbits saying "hello":

If you find a regular visitor or resident in your yard or on your walks each day, can you give this wild friend of yours a name of its own?

I wonder if you and your child can write a story together about this friend and their adventures.

You could add illustrations.

Can you sit outside, connected to this critter’s natural environment as you create your story? Smell what they smell, see what they see, etc?

Can you get a few books from the library to learn about your subject/main character before, as or after you create your story?

This will surely be a very special keepsake for you all to look back on as well.

This is a lovely and natural way to create a special bond between your child and this plant, animal, “subject”. It will also create a special moment and bond between your child and YOU!

The above photo is one I "sneakily" took of my kiddos reading just such stories on the trampoline one afternoon- it's actually a candid shot!

See? Capturing the essence of this wild friend in a story can even create a sweet moment between siblings.

I think we'd all agree that those are priceless!

So, what will it be? You get to pick your adventure! May it bring along with it, sweet memories for you and yours.

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