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October favorites


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with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper  (Parenting Expert and Author)

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 A Story for Bear

The Little Yellow Leaf

The great woods, evergreens, a bear, a cabin, an adirondak chair and BOOKS- what could be better than that?  This book is one I checked out from the library and read with my children every year.  I realized a couple of years ago that we had never purchased it so I finally bought it and added it to our home library of beloved books.  With Jim LaMarche’s illustrations and the sweet relationship of wonder, respect, gentleness and love between the bear and woman in this story, there is just a magical air about it.

A little leaf is not quite ready to let go when all the other leaves are—when it is “supposed” to. A beautiful story to encourage little ones that it’s okay to be afraid to try something new AND it’s okay to take their time, listen to their hearts and march to the beat of their OWN drum. Everything in its time. They’ll also see that finding a friend to do something that feels hard WITH them, makes it a little easier AND more fun!

Autumn Story: Introduce children to the seasons in the gorgeously illustrated classics of Brambly Hedge

Part of a 4 part collection, one representing each season.  If you enjoy Beatrix Potter’s characters and stories, these will be a welcomed addition to your story rotation and book collection.

The Leaf Man


We are carried along by the wind with leaf man, who mysteriously morphs into various forms with each turn of the page. The illustrations are unique in several ways. Each image is actually a photograph of a real leaf, many of them life size.  For those desiring to teach from books, this is a fun way to sneak in leaf and seed identification! Each page is physically cut in a way that creates a changing landscapes. Lovely and intriguing book. 

A favorite of not only mine, but my mom’s as a little girl!  An endearing book that highlights how nurturing and important every day traditions and rituals can be….for us as adults and especially for our children. It shows our children how special their natural gifts and contributions are…regardless of how invisible they may seem. ;)

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin

The classic square peg trying to fit into a round hole. A dear story reminding us that we are beautifully and intentionally designed with our own unique gifts and great purpose…even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Spookley demonstrates an example of what this looks like in the world of pumpkins.

Flower Fairies of the Autumn

The Best Gift of All

Too Many Pumpkins

A beautiful combination of a book. Rhythming and informative with dainty, detailed and colorful illustrations. The mix of fairies with the knowledge of flowers and their “personalities” is priceless! This could be a door to exploring and finding these lovely specimens in your own yard, on your hikes and beyond with your little ones.

A gentle nudge reminding our children that their mere presence is more valuable than any physical offering or gift they could bring. This is a universal truth of which all ages need to be reminded!

A must read for anyone that likes pumpkins, autumn, serving others, thinking outside the box and wants to pass this on to your little ones.  The illustrations are detailed, very seasonal and engaging….so much for little eyes (and big alike) to take in!  Problems are remedied, community is brought together and I guess you could say that pumpkin pie is made out of plain ole’ pumpkins!  ;)

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not
Afraid of Anything

From the same author-illustrator duo comes this book about, well, the title says it all…until one day it changes! Wonderfully autumnal scenes and fun to read-aloud!  

Room on the Broom

Little Goose’s Autumn

A cute Halloween story that is a blast to read as the verses bounce and roll along.  A little one on bouncing on your knee, would certainly find themselves filled with glee! ;)

Inviting autumnal hues and illustrations draw little ones into this story of listening to their intuition, even when it feels a bit scary. They will begin to see that transition can be beautiful!

What Was I Scared Of?

A pair of empty trousers spooks our friend as he walks through the woods.  Hilariously creepy and ridiculously wonderful, the tell-tale rhythm and rhyme of Dr. Seuss carries you along to the end, though you’ll likely be kept on the edge of your “seat”- heehee!

Arthur's Halloween

I met Marc Brown as a kindergartner and had him sign this book one October at a school book fair and it has been special to me ever since! A very relatable Halloween story for children that organically relays the message that judging a book by its cover is never the way to go.

The Scarecrow 

A precious story of loneliness and the possibility for healing and reconciliation always exists, even between archetypal adversaries.

One More Acorn

A story begun by author Don Freeman in his living years was completed by his son, Roy, 30 years after his father’s passing. The illustrations are soft and warm.  The setting is Washington , D.C. and many of the landmarks are recognizable and could be great jumping off points to teach your little ones about the US Capital or take a field trip to see the sites in person. While you’re there, make sure to keep an eye out for Earl. 

The Apple Cake 

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever

A festive and seasonal story of how competition can always turn into cooperation, if both parties are willing participants. Together is better!

The Wind Children


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by Kristin Addington Culpepper 
Parenting Expert, Author, Intuitive Guide

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