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with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper (Parenting Expert, Intuitive Guide and Author)

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Rita & Ralph's Rotten Day

Tough Like Mum

Milo Imagines the World

Two best buddies ride the emotional waves and process of making up after an accident and saying something they didn’t mean.  A sweet story of reconciliation and the reality that this can feel hard sometimes, for both adults, little ones and everyone in between.

 Learning what it looks like when a caregiver “runs out of steam” and reaches the end of themself and how we can care for one another.  A fantastic peek into a reality for many families that isn’t found in many picture books. This story supports those finding themselves in the situation as well as those on the outside looking in, remembering we are all connected and can offer love, understanding and empathy in hard times and always.

  My children really liked this book as it has a twist at the end that is unexpected, yet embraced without judgement.  The author does a great job setting the scene for the all the “ahas” at the end…..we are all one big family, we all long to be accepted exactly as we are, all doing our best and all need love.  The imagining and drawing Milo does throughout this book is so inspiring and helps open your mind to some of the different possibilities in life.  His drawing throughout his subway ride also shows children what a helpful outlet drawing and creating in general is as it gives them a natural way to process emotions and daily events that might feel like a lot sometimes.  For children living in rural settings, learning about the subway and maybe planning to ride one in the future could be a fun thing to dig into a little more.  

Jenny Mei Said

Love is a Special Way of Feeling    

A Friend is Someone Who Likes You

A book about the reality of the up, down and everything in between days in childhood and life and the friends that help us through if we allow ourselves to lean on them.  Such a sweet book that gets this dynamic across with simple illustrations and language that even the very little ones will understand.

Absolute preciousness and delight in a book.  This folds in the natural world with family, friends and household pets.  This author and book was an absolute favorite of mine as a very little girl.  My mom met the author and had a series of her books signed, which here just the right size for my little hands to hold…a bit larger than the little Beatrix Potter books.  The illustrations are so charming.  Appropriate for all ages.

The book jacket describes this as an “enchanting little book, which, with beguiling simplicity in text and pictures, demonstrates for small children some of the many happy surprises just waiting to be discovered in the world around them.”  As a very little one having read this and having had it on my bookshelf all these years later along with a smile every time I open it, I have to agree! The illustrations are so charming.  Appropriate for all ages.

The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm

Your Hand in My Hand

A story of one who tried to carry the world’s problems while stuffing his own.  The message is so relatable, even as adults. It is SO IMPORTANT we have these conversations with our children NOW, before they try to do the same….and in the meantime, check our own tendencies in this area. ;)

A precious story of the comfort of venturing out together, chid and caregiver, to experience the wonders of nature found all around us and throughout the year.  Very sweet.


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