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Imagination favorites


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with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper
(Parenting Expert, Intuitive Guide and Author)

A Vision of Mine...

“Imagine this: Through play and wonder folks of every age, the world over, uncover the treasures of our true soul within. We express them as we select our unique ribbon on the maypole, which rises from the center of the earth. As we each dance through life with light hearts to the beat of our own drum around this one maypole, we weave sunshine and magic in all its many forms. This gloriously authentic and harmonious dance becomes the healing salve humanity so desperately needs. Want to dance? Just take my hand… I hope these books remind you that others are on this journey with you, making each moment feel a tad easier and a ton more fun!

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The Whisper

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Seasons: 4-Book Boxset Hardcover (Mini)

Life is like a blank book in which we get to write our own story.  This book inspires children to use their imagination and is a wonderful story to read to little ones who like to tell and write their own stories!  Perfect for young aspiring authors and illustrators!

While many of us were exposed to this book as little ones and it’s not new, this is a story that depicts that anything is possible!  Children learn that they are powerful and their decisions help create their reality.  If they have a problem, a solution is often inside of them and they are creative, gifted and strong enough to help be part of the solution!  In any moment they can choose differently and go a different direction if they don’t prefer what they are reaping from the seeds they have sewn. This is an empowering truth to impart of our little ones!

This beautifully packaged mini hardback gift set contains Snow, Sun, Storm and Rain. 

Each book is inspires the imagination, helping little ones see the possibility in every season and type of weather.  My children heard the following poem so many times, it is a part of them:

“Whether the weather be fine

Or whether the weather be not,

Whether the weather be cold

Or whether the weather be hot,

We’ll weather the weather

Whatever the weather,

Whether we like it or not.”


Each of these stories follow a little boy and his grandpa.  I love how supportive the grandpa is of his grandson’s heart, desires and needs…even when they could seem pretty “impractical” or inconvenient to the old fuddy-duddies adults can sometimes be.  On the contrary, Grandpa gives his time, energy, knowledge and even material things to come alongside his grandson every time.

What to Do with a Box

Poetry+ imagination+ simple pleasures+ unique illustrations = a book worth reading! A box= possibilities!  Modeling for and teaching our children (of all ages) to see the possibilities in every situation and relationship = a wonder-full life!

Pippa's Night Parade

Good Night, Fairies

What a gift an imagination can be!  Occasionally, these imaginings carry us away into a land of thoughts that can feel scary and overwhelming. Pippa wrestles with this and comes up with quite the creative solution where everybody “wins”, works together and has fun becoming part of that solution. Who knew even imagined monsters could be so pleasant and cooperative?

A collection of poetry, short stories, illustrations, songs and more that highlight and remind us of the beauty in our uniqueness and strength in our differences…in a fun and silly way.

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In the meantime...

by Kristin Addington Culpepper 
Parenting Expert and Author

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