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February favorites

with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper (Parenting Expert and Author)

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Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink

A wonderful book that many of us can relate to in one way or another- the good ole’ Valentine’s Day exchange with classmates where elementary school drama tends to rise to the surface.

I Love You Already

Ahhhh….relationship dynamics…aren’t they fun? This book will elicit laughter from the little ones for sure.

Queen of Hearts

Hooray for Snow!

Another great elementary school Valentine exchange lesson almost learned the hard way.  This is another adorably, brightly and boldly illustrated book by Mary Engelbreit, whose artwork never disappoints my family.  Much of my writing studio is decorated with some of her signed prints- SO FUN and inspiring!

Three little squirrels try to convince Daddy to come out and play in the winter wonderland.  It takes a little coaxing, but in the end they all have a ball!  A familiar scenario for families everywhere, I imagine. ;)

The Happy Day

Winter An Alphabet Acrostic

Noodle's Knitting

The Biggest Valentine Ever

Groundhog's Day Off

Here Comes Valentine Cat

Substitute Groundhog

The Legend of the Valentine

Brownie Groundhog and
the February Fox

White Snow Bright Snow


by Kristin Addington Culpepper
Parenting Expert and Author

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Sun Bread

How the warmth, smell, taste and hope of bread brings joy and togetherness amidst the sometimes lonely, cold and darker months of the year. Very unique illustrations with lots of fun detail for children to notice.

Almost Time

The Knitting of Elizabeth Amelia

Cute book about waiting…and the sweet reward of doing so with patience.  A little boy has a loose tooth and is waiting for the sap to run to make maple syrup. 
So much waiting!

A girl made of wool grows up, gives a little too much of herself away as a mama, learns a powerful lesson and is loved back to wholeness by her family.  Charming story that caregivers will relate to as we try to find that balance of tending to ourselves and our children and families.  A must for knitters as everything in her home is knitted from wool! So fun.

Knitty Kitty

Cinders A Chicken Cinderella

The Red Book

A mama kitty and her kittens, knitting, a cozy home, a snowman and more…another book for a winter snuggle and read aloud as well as to highlight the creative art of knitting.

Another classically told and illustrated book by Jan Brett that exudes detail set in the sparkle and magic of winter. The Cinderella story, elaborate costumes and all, but with a poultry twist.

A truly magical book without words….see for yourself and be transported.

Extra Yarn

A story of a little girls who knits joy into her world, community and brings it all together.  Also a story of how no one and no amount of money can take that from you.  Another great one for those introducing or encouraging knitting or other handwork skills to your children.

365 Penguins Math

Tracks in the Snow

Another story for little ones to wonder along with and solve the mystery of whose tracks those are in the snow. The adorable illustrations will pull you right in.

A book of great physical stature, counting, penguins, family and silliness. 

Never Too Little To Love
New Mom Gift

Pop up, multi-sized pages, interactive book that is fun for the littles.

Ruby Valentine Saves the Day

Snuggle Puppy

A favorite author/illustrator for her dry sense of humor and quirky storylines and characters- she never disappoints!

A must read for Valentine’s Day- enough said!  My children absolutely loved this book and we read it over and over each year.

The Ballad of Valentine

This one just cracks us UP!  You “must” sing it to the tune of Clementine to have the best effect…..sing it aaallll the way through. :)

The Runaway Valentine

A quirky story of an unfortunate Valentine that shows all endings can be happy. 

The Valentine Express

A darling Valentine’s Day book about the excitement, joy and creativity of making Valentine’s while noticing those who might be left out of the festivities and bringing them in.  The illustrations are simple paper cut outs and children will find this and the story very relatable.  It will likely even move them to action to join in on the fun!

Valentine's Day

An introduction to the history: potential origins, how it spread and some customs of the holiday with illustrations and all presented in a way that is very digestible for children- not too “teachy.”

Maple Syrup Season

The Mitten Tree

Really sweet book showing how all people and generations have something relevant to offer and ways we can be a blessing to others if we just allow ourselves to notice those around us.  This is a good one to read with little (or big) ones learning knitting or other handwork.

Written and illustrated by a homeschooler- relatable, nostalgic and steeped in nature and the imagination. One story per season.

If You Were My Valentine

Sweet book visiting various animal “parent and child” pairs to see how they celebrate the sentiment of Valentine’s Day.  We see chipmunks, hummingbirds, whales, wolves and more in this love fest.

Love Is

This one can be a tear jerker (for parents) as you watch a little girl and the duckling she rescued grow together in love until it’s time to let go.  As parents, we can relate to the very real daily and physical “investments” we choose to make in our own little ones.  As children, they’ll be able to see it play out in their relationship with the animals in their care.

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