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March favorites


with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper (Parenting Expert and Author)

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Lucky Ducklings

another true story in the same vein as
Make Way for Ducklings….warms my heart
and reminds me of all that is good
about humanity.

and then it's spring


For those who keep checking for signs of spring- don’t give up!

A sweet one about not jumping to conclusions with a clever twist.

How to Catch a Leprechaun

The Night Before St. Patrick's Day

Greatly aided in your leprechaun
catching plans...

Gave us clever ideas for our leprechaun traps over the years….almost caught one a few years ago!

Home in the Rain

The magic of what can happen in the rain..

Plant a Kiss

A story about ABUNDANCE and how love can never run out no matter how much you share! Preciousness and truth in a book.

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning

One of our classics read to celebrate the holiday each year. 

Fiona's Luck

And the Good Brown Earth

A little role reversal with the
wee folk.

Lovely story of the seasons, family, and the goodness, faithfulness and joy found in the earth’s bounty.

That's What Leprechaun's Do

Lucky O' Leprechaun

A cute story of generations of hopeful leprechaun baiters.

More rascally tales of the wee folk.

Leprechaun Gold

The sweet side of these determined, clever and stubborn leprechauns.

When the Root Children Wake Up

Gorgeous illustrations whisk you away into the fullness and joy for each season. The Woods have created some of our family’s absolute favorite books!

Shannon and the World's
Tallest Leprechaun

A relatable story for Irish dancers,
musicians and families.

Home for a Bunny

A simple classic for the little bitties.

Little Witch Hazel

The Story of the Root Children

A simple, sweetly illustrated story of
the Root Children preparing for and
making their spring debut.

Written and illustrated by a homeschooler- relatable, nostalgic and steeped in nature and the imagination. One story per season.

The Complete Brambly Hedge
(Spring Story)

Darling series with cozy illustrations that are a feast for the eyes. It is always fun to check in with the critters at Brambly Hedge to see what they’re up to each season. If you like Beatrix Potter and her characters and stories, you’ll certainly enjoy this crowd.  The link for the treasury can be found on my Around the Year booklist.

Circle of Seasons

A joyful celebration of the seasons for
little ones.

Spring for Sophie

A much needed lesson for all ages in the wonder of engaging all our of senses.

The Luckiest Leprechaun

This is a very cute tale told by a grumpy old leprechaun (aren’t they all?) of how he got his priorities straight. Cute illustrations to boot…(get it? Leprechauns are cobblers.) ;)


by Kristin Addington Culpepper 

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