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Weekly Wonder & Signs of New Life!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Father Winter is on his way out and Spring is on her way in right now in the Northern Hemisphere and I’m seeing signs of this all around me! How about you?

I wonder what signs of new life you see popping up around you where you live. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, I wonder what signs of nature settling in for a long nap you are starting to see.

Going on a daily walk is a key ingredient in keeping me healthy and happy. I take my camera to capture anything particularly special that I want to think or learn more about later.

The fish are coming out of their winter state and starting to swim around my ponds.

The Snow Drops, Lenten Roses and Winter Aconite are starting to flower in the forest.

The deer seem to have "buddied up" and Robins were happily splashing in puddles on my walk yesterday. A resident frog in my pond has come out of his winter hiding spot under the leaves on the pond floor and hopped onto the bank…I even saw a lady bug yesterday and honey bee today!

Here are a few things I saw this week...

Snow drop

Lenten Rose

Deer Couple

Fish (and frog camouflaged in rocks)


Honey Bee on (super cool fossil) stone in my birdbath

Lady bug on a fern

Robin taking a bath (the other 3 flew away right before I recorded)

What signs of new life are you seeing out your window, on your walks, in your parks? Are you smelling any changes? The fragrance of certain flowers? Feeling any changes? Hearing any changes? Maybe chattier squirrels or woodpeckers? More bird song?

Are birds gathering material to build their nests?

New plants peeking through the earth?

Maybe it’s just a whole bunch of mud or puddles to play in!

You can use my March picture booklist found on to discover more about what is happening at this very moment in the cycle of the seasons.

Don’t forget to look for signs of the wee folk running about leading up to St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) as well! You can learn about how to catch a glimpse of these clever leprechauns from several books on my list this month.

Let’s grab our explorer backpacks, sketch pads, and parents with cameras and go discover this wonderful world around us!

Draw or take a photo of what you find, write, sing, or act out what you discover.

Did you find a new favorite book that helped you find your answers?

We’d all love to know so pop your findings in the comments below.

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