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December favorites


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with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper  (Parenting Expert and Author)

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Winter Is Coming

Sky Sisters

In the months leading up to winter, a nature loving little girl observes and captures wildlife as it moves about and beneath her tree house preparing for winter.  Heartfelt messages peppered throughout and breathtaking illustrations to match by Jim LaMarche.

A story of family, wonder and excitement as two Ojibway sisters connect with the snowy, starry night that ends in an appearance of the Northern Lights. 

Socks for Supper

We were gifted this used when my eldest was a baby, and boy, has it given us a chuckle through the years, each time we read it.

The Gerda Muller Seasons Gift Collection

Just a Snowy Day
(with touch & feels, pull tabs…)

A New Coat for Anna

Sweet way to connect little ones with the simple joys of the winter- a wonderful book to kick off the season! This is part of the Circle of Seasons books by Gerda Muller as well as the

The Gerda Muller Seasons Gift Collection (mini board books for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).  The links for these can be found on my Around the Year booklist.

An interactive book for littles that they’ll want to read/”do” over and over and over again…until the tabs are all broken…it was a well-loved book in our family!

An array of natural lessons in this book as it is a true story set in the aftermath and rubble of WWII.  A story of perseverance, pioneering spirits, community, family, handwork and hope.  This takes you through the whole process of making a wool coat in a relevant, approachable way.  Lots of great jumping off points here for further conversations and learning as your childrens’ (or your) interest is peaked.

Snow Moon

The Hat
 (first snow, pre “winter”) 


Dream like story with illustrations to go along with the mood.  My 12 year old felt the storyline was very basic, but was wowed by the illustrations.

Brave Irene

Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story

First Snow

Tom Badger Goes Skating

Winter, You Wonder

Pippa and Pelle in the Winter Snow

Brambly Hedge Winter Story

Flower Fairies of the Winter

Coming Home

Santa Lucia Day - December 13th
Lucia Morning in Sweden

Santa Lucia Day is typically a Swedish holiday that has also been a special tradition in our family. We celebrate good deeds and the light Lucia was in the darkness through singing, lighting candles, baking sweet breads, and have even reenacted Lucia and the star boy lighting the way in the darkness, bringing food and treats to grateful family members!  Maybe this book will spark a new tradition in your family. 

Winter Solstice - December 21st
The Shortest Day: Celebrating the
Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice - December 21st
Stopping By Woods on Snowy Evening

This classic seasonal poem comes alive with the travels of the narrator and the winter scenes depicted on each page.

Winter Solstice - December 21st

I always love stories that teach in a non teachy way how not jumping to conclusions and looking for the best in everyone is a lovely way to live.


Get a jump start on JOY this holiday season with my Christmas picture booklist recommendations - featuring 25 days of Christmas stories! 

by Kristin Addington Culpepper 
Parenting Expert, Author, Intuitive Guide

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