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with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper
(Parenting Expert, Intuitive Guide and Author)

A Vision of Mine...

“Imagine this: Through play and wonder folks of every age, the world over, uncover the treasures of our true soul within. We express them as we select our unique ribbon on the maypole, which rises from the center of the earth. As we each dance through life with light hearts to the beat of our own drum around this one maypole, we weave sunshine and magic in all its many forms. This gloriously authentic and harmonious dance becomes the healing salve humanity so desperately needs. Want to dance? Just take my hand… I hope these books remind you that others are on this journey with you, making each moment feel a tad easier and a ton more fun!

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The Lonely Toadstool

The Big Orange Splot

A Family is a Family is a Family

Regardless of age, we all struggle at times with letting our real feelings and needs be heard. 

This is the message of The Lonely Toadstool, a story that empowers children to express themselves, knowing they are safe and will be surrounded with a caring community. As if holding their hand in friendship, this enchanting poetic story gently encourages the reader to see the importance of letting their own emotions and needs be known and to experience the unexpected human joy of exchanging loneliness for love and acceptance.

When we are authentically ourselves, owning and sharing our quirks and eccentricities, some will choose to judge us AND still others will follow our lead.  Reminding our children that they have unique gifts, interests and strengths is an empowering tool we can provide for them.  Encouraging and supporting them to embrace and express these allows them to shine and often acts as a permission slip to others, giving those around them the strength and boldness they need to honor and project their own light into the world.

Family is about having that sense of belonging, not of looking the same or fitting a cookie cutter definition of what someone else thinks it should be or look like.  This is a sweet reminder of all the different ways a family can be a family.

Old Hat

The Antlered Ship

Free to Be You and Me

This is a spot-on book about embracing one’s FABULOUS and UNIQUE SELF!  As I always say, no one can DO what you do the way you do, no one can SAY what you do the way you say it or BE who you are the way you are!  If we ALL could embrace our authentic selves, what a spectacular life and world in EVERY way this would be!

This hull of this story is found a profound message.  Souls on a mission to live out their lives in a way that feels right to them.  These souls happen to be animals who believe life and friendship is found in different places- adventure, food, philosophy and conversation. The illustrations and spirit of this book are just waiting to be experienced by you (and anyone who will listen).  This treasure chest holds truths for us all.

A collection of poetry, short stories, illustrations, songs and more that highlight and remind us of the beauty in our uniqueness and strength in our differences…in a fun and silly way.



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by Kristin Addington Culpepper 
Parenting Expert and Author