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August favorites


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with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper  (Parenting Expert and Author)

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Barnyard Dance

Jabari Jumps

Being raised in Nashville,  I can appreciate a good hoe-down! Can’t everybody? My daughter plays the banjo…wonder if introducing her to this book as a baby, led her that direction…huh ;)

Jabari’s conquering his fears of jumping off the high dive are SO relatable.  You will feel yourself closely following his every thought, concern and then triumph on his trip to the top of the high dive and then off!  This book came out right after my children had “been there and done that”, however, we read it together any way and they enjoyed reliving the process and that big moment that they completed their own trip to the high dive and beyond!  This would be a big support and encouragement for those with little ones considering the feat of jumping off the high dive this summer…or next. ;)


“Inside, everyone was much too busy….and then, the lights went out…..”  This sums up the book.  Isn’t it true that the inconveniences and annoyances so often can lead to the blessings in our lives?  They allow us to reevaluate what and who is important and make shifts in our schedules and habits to embrace them.

The Golden Glow


Any little adventurer will love this book and any parent wanting to impart the spirit of exploration to their child will appreciate all the practical aspects of it as well.  As Fox sets out to discover a flower never captured before, he fills his pack with things needed for hiking and camping.  He then passes through forests while identifying some of the trees and on to an alpine meadow, giving names to the wild flowers that make it their home.  A homeschool lesson or 2 or 3 can easily be made from this book.

A wordless picture book capturing the playful and curious relationship many of us once had (and maybe still do) with the ocean and her ways!  Those waves seem alive, having a personality of their own at times, don’t they?!?  This book will make you smile, I’m certain.

A Stone Sat Still

Isn’t it mind boggling how we can look at the same situation, person or thing and have as many different perspectives as there are people -maybe even more?  Is it possible that animals and insects do the same thing?  I love the multi layered nature of this story as little ones will recognize and connect with the animals, elements, colors and shapes while receiving the message that more than one way of looking at things is always available to us.  This is a skill, practice and habit we all need very much in order to bring the love, peace, healing and joy to ourselves and to this wonderful and often hurting world of ours.

Blueberries for Sal

The Curious Fish

Tumble Bumble

This classic tells the story of a mom and her little girl, Sal, who go berry picking on the hills of Maine and run into another berry picking duo that they weren’t expecting.  This is such a darling book that will make you smile along the way.

A kind hearted and well-meaning boy catches a fish and brings him home to live at his bedside in an aquarium.  The fish’s family is so heart-broken that they come up with a plan to bring the fish home, which is quite peculiar and surprising. This gives you a new perspective on fishing, taking wildlife home and can open conversations around the emotions that our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom, etc. have. A fun topic to explore and you just might be surprised what you discover!

A rhyming book that keeps you guessing with each turn of the page.  Silliness, wit and delight all jumbled together in the sweetest way.  This was given to my daughter on her 3rd birthday by a 5 year old neighbor who I recall literally “recommending” the book since it was at that time her favorite. So it is with great confidence that I add this to our booklist. ;)


When a group of children are given the freedom to play outside, use their imaginations and let them both run wild…..they actually create a civilized little world?  Imagine that! This book shows how resourceful and clever children are. The tale is told by one of the grown children, fondly reminiscing about those days of old that remain in her mind and spirit as though it was yesterday.

Amelia Bedelia

Here we have the original story of the beloved Amelia Bedelia.  The ways of this overly conscientious character have brought gasps and giggles to generations of children! Have fun witnessing how your little ones react to her antics.

A little girl spends time with her grandpa, known as The Beeman around town, learning the ropes of raising bees and enjoying the benefits. This is another great multigenerational book to share with your little ones, connecting them with nature and loved ones.  The more we understand about nature, the more we care because we develop a relationship with it.  May this younger generation rise up alongside of us to help protect the bees and other species struggling to exist right now.

The Beeman

The Napping House

The Wonderful Happens

Frog Went A-Courtin'

A granny, a child, a dog, cat, mouse, even a flea….all napping on a rainy day.  Who knew it could be so enticing?  The meter, the illustrations….the mood of the whole book—it’s an experience you’ll not want to miss!  Don and Audrey Wood have been an unstoppable pair through the years with the books they have created—some of my family’s all-time favorites! 

This book just feels good to read.  It holds out to us such a simple truth: we are surrounded by wonder every day and night and it never ends.  What a comforting story to share with your little ones. 

A story written in Scotland over 400 years ago, brought to the U.S.  It is still sung in the Appalachian mountains of the U.S. and beyond….because what could be better than singing a book?  What a combo!  This one includes the tune in the back for those unfamiliar with it….you might want to check it out before your first “go”. ;)  I bet ‘cha the grandparents can help you out and will want to join in—have fun with this one!

Uno's Garden

A “math” book?  Yes, and so much more.  We witness how our decisions affect us and those around us, we learn that we have the power to change directions if we choose and meet adorable and fantastical critters as we’re carried along by this clever story.  The illustrations are simply “out of this world”…no pun intended. ;) 

Ida and the Whale

A little girl and a flying whale venture out together on a journey beyond the stars. This book gently wonders and poses possibilities, like a friend walking alongside our children on their unique paths.  Our little ones may be little, but they have some big questions that deserve our time and attention to tend to them.

Moon: A Peek Through Picture Book

An interactive experience guiding your little one through the mystery, magic and power of the moon.  They’ll discover what role the moon plays in nature all over the world….the animals and even us.


An incredibly endangered (at least 40) species, bats are remarkable mammals.  This story showcases some of their “superpowers” and shows just how lovable and amazing they are!  Here’s to noticing (and protecting) the bats flitting up in the skies where you live!

Zin! Zin! Zin! a Voilin

This book carries you along with its musical rhythm, introducing little ones to the instrument families and by the end—an entire orchestra!  The illustrations are as fluid as the rhymes and it’s a delight to read aloud!

The full experience of a rainstorm. Unique illustrations that will keep your children busy looking at all the details on each page.

Blue on Blue

Where Wonder Grows

Children wonder with their grandma in her special garden about rocks, sea shells and other relics from nature.  They hear Grandma’s stories about where they might have come from, wisdom we can gain from them and the mysteries the earth, sky and we ourselves hold within.  In the back of the book there are quick explanations of Native American traditions such as the sweat lodge, the elements and how nature is considered “medicine” by some.

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by Kristin Addington Culpepper 
Parenting Expert, Author, Intuitive Guide

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