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When Did Your Heart Become Heavy?: Podcast #3

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

How is your heart?

Was there a moment, an event, a specific interaction that left your heart feeling heavier than it was meant to feel?

Was it a word someone spoke to you?

Maybe something happened which left you feeling ashamed of your actions or even embarrassed to be the real you in a situation.

There are a multitude of scenarios that leave us feeling a little or a lot heavier than we did when we entered into the situation, conversation, relationship, etc.

As little ones, we take on the ideas, teachings, practices, ways and more of the elders raising us such as our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

We often trust and accept at face value the teachings, traditions and opinions of our educational and religious institutions and their “officials”. Why wouldn’t we?

Many times we believe what our society says about what is valuable, who is beautiful, what it means and looks like to be powerful and successful.

Over time, we begin taking these “apples” from the “trees” of others, thinking they’re our own.

Often times we are not even conscious of this process. It can also be a handy survival mechanism for little ones that have to roll with what their caretakers say and normalize it in order to keep the peace. This then can become our way of coping as we mature into adult relationships as well.

Any “apples” taken from the trees of other people, institutions or society as a whole that are not aligned with our gut, our heart, our soul and spirit is, in essence, a conditioning agent.

We often take on the burdens, plights or causes of others with the intent of showing them we support and love them. We give our time, attention, energy and even hearts, minds and bodies to things, people and beliefs that aren’t even ours.

Years down the road something in our lives jars us, awakening us to the fact that we have been ambassadors of things and causes that we care little about or don’t even agree with in the first place.

If we aren’t willing to stop and recognize the signs from God/the universe that our body, relationships, environments, etc. are not quite “right”, we will go down a dangerous path.

Along these paths we will likely encounter dysfunction, disease, drama, burnout and more of the like.

If we don’t heed warning along the way, it will eventually lead to death, figuratively or physically. Either way, who wants that?

Does any of this resonate?

Is any of this happening in your life right now?

Take a look around.

If you’re willing to assess a bit and be honest with your beautiful, bright soul, you can change the trajectory of your life right this second.

Patterns, relationships, your physical body, emotional and mental health, etc. can all start to realign with the way they were designed to operate and you can begin to uncover your authentic self….your light heart.

The good news is that we were designed and created to have light, joyful hearts.

If you are willing to do some work around this currently heavy-heart of yours, you can lighten it, little by little back to how it was when you came into this wonderful world.

If you disagree that this world is “wonder-full”, perhaps that’s a sign that you could benefit from this work.

There are a multitude of ways to begin returning “home”, to your soul-self.

A life of aligned living that feels harmonious at every level, is available to us all…..that was the original plan….if we are just willing to start the journey back to our authentic selves.

Wonder, magic, play, nature, movement, meditation, creating, expressing, believing, digging, listening, observing, seeing, owning, using your voice, embracing and much more lead to the freedom and power of remembering who you really are.

That light hearted, playful, bright child is still in there, just waiting to come out and explore, giggle, dance, shout, shine, share and make his/her unique mark on the world.

The truth is that this is your biggest service to yourself, those you love, the planet and all of humanity.

Are you ready to remember and return home?

Let’s go on an adventure and reconnect with the REAL you!

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