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For all the nature lovers out there, this is such a fun book! When reading The Lonely Toadstool, I think back to my childhood and when being outside sparked my own imagination. It was fun to envision what life was like for anything living in a forest, and this book does just that. The Lonely Toadstool uses rhyme to tell a beautiful story with a purposeful message for children and adults. It includes amazing illustrations as well! I find it to be a profound read for children, and a nostalgic book for grown-ups. Five stars!


This children's story is a very pretty one. The illustrations are really nice to look at. It's also a story with a message and covers themes such as loneliness and sadness which I think a lot of readers can relate to. It's a very nature based story so if you like autumn, Fairies and woods then this is sure to be the perfect one for you.


This book is excellent. It has a well written storyline and the illustrations are creative. They combine to make a wonderful final product. Children today live in a time of social media and overcommitment of and by children and parents of most ages, as well as substantial peer pressures. This story is focused, pleasantly simple and direct. It includes imaginary gnomes and make-believe creatures with elements of nature such as the wind, the sun, friendly mice, squirrels, rabbits and more. The characters deal with both being alone and with reaching out to others who may need a smile or a helping hand. One can find solid messages for young minds here. As a father and a grandfather, I recommend this book.


What a perfect message to the world as we cautiously venture out of a prolonged period of isolation. We are never truly alone, we are always part of community, we are all connected through the elements of nature. Beautifully written in lyrical prose and magically illustrated with the seen and unseen, this beautiful book tugs at the heartstrings of what we all know to be true but need to be reminded of. A must have addition to anyone’s, young and old, inspirational library.


This is a delightful telling of how a lonely toad stool learned that being in only one place did not mean being lonely had to be a negative thing. Through the caring of various wood land creatures, the lonely toad stool realized that with time and patience, life will take on new meaning, as new toad stools arrived and the value of caring friends would remove loneliness. Beautiful illustrations.


This touching story magically comes alive as a beautifully illustrated picture book, filled with fun verses about a lonely toadstool who finds their voice and whose friends find and surround them with love - a moving message that inspires great conversation as we all find our way back to social circles and experience the joy of supporting our loved ones around us. Bravo Kristin Hogan Culpepper and Ruthie Arthur! Can’t wait to see what Weave Sunshine does next!


I love that this book is capable of reaching such diverse age groups through its more than relatable message and creative illustrations. Kristin takes us on a journey through a magical forest as we absorb a beautiful (but sometimes difficult) message about friendship, patience, gratitude, and so much more. The quirky, yet genuine illustrations throughout the book really spoke to me as a creative individual and assisted in the telling of this important message that we should ALL hold on to. Thanks, Kristin and Ruthie for bringing this great piece of work into the world! I can't wait to share it with my nieces.


Makes a wonderful gift for all ages. A beautifully written story of the importance of using your voice & sharing your feelings. This is a valuable lesson for all ages. I adored this book and highly recommend it! - Jessica (Amazon Review)


Delightful story telling. The Lonely Toadstool is a sweet story about finding companionship. Written with heart and illustrated beautifully, the reader is taken to an intimate woodland landscape aglow with creatures who look out for another through sadness and joy. - Amazon Customer (Amazon Review)

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We all get sad or lonely at times. This book carries an incredible message of hope and encouragement. I love how denizens of forest reach out and connect with the toadstool. It's about validating one's feelings, opening up and sharing gestures of love. Though this book is a children's book, I bought this book for myself (45yo). I truly believe the story can touch a reader regardless of one's age. If you don't know what to say when someone is feeling lonely, share this book with that person. Show your support & cheer them up!


Wonderfully written!!! The diversity of forest 'friends' to love and support the lonely toadstool are precious! The illustrations are beautiful!! The life lessons are very applicable to teaching children about emotions, how to meet and love others where they are, and that life has challenges. Great story!!


This is a beautifully illustrated and heartfelt story about accepting help when faced with life’s challenges. The lonely toadstool bravely spoke out, shared his story and was heard in the forest. In my life I have had to share some of my own emotions and challenges during difficult times. From these moments I learned that comfort and support can sometimes come from unexpected places when I have allowed myself to be vulnerable and authentic. These are themes I want to share with my grandchildren to aid them as they encounter life’s ups and downs.

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This is a most delightful book that will hold a young child's attention with its colorful, whimsical illustrations. This is a book that will allow parents who read it with their child, manty opportunities for discussion on various topics, from appreciating the beauty and simplicity of nature, to more in-depth topics that may be affecting their child at the time. It demonstrates the importance and value of friendships of all kinds as well as that of being a good, compassionate friend. Your child or grandchild will love it! ​ - James D. Doherty (Goodreads Review)


This lovely book is so important for children and their families to read now, as many of us are reentering our communities and feeling the importance of human connection more than ever before. The author gives a beautiful parable to show how hard it can be to bare our burdens alone, and how simply surrounding ourselves with caring people can ease the weight and allow us to heal. Thank you for this gift of a book! Not only is it perfect for our world now, it's message is truly timeless.

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A lesson of friendship for all. What a delightful story with charming illustrations. This sweet tale teaches an important lesson for all ages. I look forward to reading it to my grandchildren, ages 3, 5 and 8, and taking it to heart myself! - Amazon Customer (Amazon Review)

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Nature sings. Underlying this imaginative tale of a lonely toadstool is an important message of giving voice to one’s feelings. Engaging illustrations extol the beauty of the forest, while rhyming text communicates the importance of friends coming to the aid of those feeling despondent and alone. Happily, all ends well for the little toadstool and its progeny. As a children's librarian and a grandmother, I look forward to sharing this book with others. - Carloyn M. Harris (Amazon Review)


A foundational book. The heartfelt message of this inspired and instructive tale, is bound to resonate with parents, as they guide their children through the cycles, seasons, feelings, and emotions, around change, relationship, connection, and community. As a parent, my heart hurt, and leapt for joy, as the toadstool went along his journey without ever even moving. So much wisdom to share here, and discuss with our little ones! I appreciate the introduction of new words to connect with and explore, along with the experiences of being an individual learning how to be expressive and accept and receive support. This is a truly sweet and foundational book parents can enjoy as they guide their children in connecting more deeply to the inner and outer experiences of growing up and evolving. Bravo! ​ ​ - Amazon Customer (Amazon Review)

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Beautiful words and illustrations! What an adorable story about speaking up, honouring emotions, and the power of community!


A cry for help is a cry for love. While reading The Lonely Toadstool I returned occasionally to the cover of this hopefuly book to find the little toadstool smiling, as well as he is on the last page. Throughout this lyrical tale, it is the sad toadstool's forest friends who hear his cries of lonliness and drop what they are doing to be by his side. Their truehearted presence, along with the elements of Mother Nature, encourage toadstool to trust his inherent self-worth and purpose in living. The charming illustrations of the book remind us that even during dark times, the lights inside the forest trees are always on.

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