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Kristin Addington Culpepper, Author, Support, FAQs, Recommended Books for Childrens Picture Booklists
  • How Do You Choose Weave Sunshine’s Recommended Books?
    I ask the following questions and if the answer is “yes”, they are considered: Does this story make me feel as though: The world is magical? I am safe, held and heard? I matter? Anything is possible? Nature is my friend and I am safe with her? Community and family supports and loves me? I am special? Life is FOR me and things happen FOR me? My voice matters? I am wonderfully unique? I have valuable gifts to share with the world? I am powerful? I can change the world? Play, laughter and imagination are important and powerful? Love always wins? We are ALL one? Everyone is special and has gifts to share? Every day and moment is special and worthy of celebrating or honoring? I am connected to nature? I can learn from nature? I am one with and part of nature? Curiosity and exploring is what life is about? Adventures can be had anywhere, anytime and are fun and safe? People are good?

Questions fréquemment posées

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