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Connecting Your Children to The Wonder of Books and Nature and YOU to Each Other.

Children’s Author and Poet

• Supportive Podcast for Parents
•  Monthly Seasonal Booklists with Kristin's Reviews
• Nature Exploration & Adventures
• Enriching Activities for the Young at Heart

Children Reading in Nature, Weave Sunshine Publishing, Home Page
Books, Weave Sunshine Publishing, Home Page

Childhood is a magical time,
however, as a parent with so much on your plate, it might not always feel that way!  

You are in the right place. 

Step OUT of the overwhelm and INTO support.

Here you will find resources for you and your children that were created to take some planning and research off of your plate.  This means more wiggle room in your day and time spent with your precious children reading, snuggling, exploring, laughing, playing, singing, creating and just having FUN TOGETHER!  

Books, Weave Sunshine Publishing, Home Page