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Connecting Your Children to The Wonder of Books and Nature and YOU to Each Other.

Children’s Author and Poet

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Childhood is a magical time,
however, as a parent with so much on your plate, it might not always feel that way!  

You are in the right place. 

Step OUT of the overwhelm and INTO support.

Here you will find resources for you and your children that were created to take some planning and research off of your plate.  This means more wiggle room in your day and time spent with your precious children reading, snuggling, exploring, laughing, playing, singing, creating and just having FUN TOGETHER!  

ALL original picture book recommendations, descriptions and references are consciously and intuitively chosen by
Kristin Addington Culpepper (Parenting Expert, Intuitive Guide, Author, Weave Sunshine Publishing Founder).

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The Lonely Toadstool

by Kristin Addington Culpepper

Parenting Expert, Intuitive Guide and Author
Weave Sunshine Publishing Founder

We are taken on the journey of a wistful, melancholic and lonely toadstool.  Even in his vulnerable state, he bravely chooses to honor and express his authentic feelings and needs by letting his voice be heard.


We witness his astonishment at who shows up and the response of those he never even knew were there.  

Let’s go now, to that forest floor where the magic is unfolding….

The Lonely Toadstool

The Lonely Toadstool Book, Weave Sunshine Publishing, Home Page
Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Book Award Seal for The Lonely Toadstool Book

Featured on the April Booklist:

with original recommendations, descriptions and references by
Kristin Addington Culpepper

(Parenting Expert and Author)

The Gardener


Too Much Stuff!


The Listening Walk

Outside My Window


Inch by Inch

Creating Opportunities

Weave Sunshine creates opportunities for people to experience living in harmony with their authentic selves through original song, verse, audio books, workshops, curriculum and more.  

 Regardless of age, you are invited to take a journey back to your light-hearted self.  As you evolve, allowing the real you to step forward, you'll begin trusting your intuition to lead you every step of the way, aligning you with a flowing life of joy, freedom, abundance, peace,  wonder, and magic. 

Watch the storytelling of "The Lonely Toadstool"
narrated by author, Kristin Addington Culpepper.

Imagine this:

Through play and wonder folks of every age, the world over, uncover the treasures of our true soul within. We express them as we select our unique ribbon on the maypole, which rises from the center of the earth. As we each dance through life with light hearts to the beat of our own drum around this one maypole, we weave sunshine and magic in all its many forms. This gloriously authentic and harmonious dance becomes the healing salve humanity so desperately needs. Want to dance? I’ll show you how one step at a time– just take my hand….

Kristin Addington Culpepper

Kristin Addington Culpepper

Parenting Expert and Author

Creatively Expressing Originality

"May you find inspiration and tools here to help guide the little ones in your life in discovering the magic, freedom, joy, peace, love, power and so much more sunshine that are theirs as they they fully embrace their authentic selves, unapologetically expressing and living a life aligned with their unique light…. and don’t be surprised if you find yourself coming along from the ride. 

Maybe you’re the “big kid”, ready to leave your heavy-heartedness and shame behind.  Do you desire to create a beautiful foundational bond with the special little ones in your life? I’d be honored to show you the way.  I invite you to check out my Workshops or contact me for a comfortable place to embark on your own journey “home”.


"Don't settle for an average life when there's always a way into the sky if we keep our hearts open to it,
believe it's forever there and have the courage to go towards it."

All of my poetry and every cell in my being points to and embodies this theme. It’s my desire for humanity to experience this. I am here to help those who are ready to dig out of the heavy heartedness and pain of shame, etc. and into the light of their own “poetry" of joy, hope, peace and harmony with oneself and the world. Are you ready to remember the magic, wonder and joy in you? Your soul is patiently waiting to be uncovered, dusted off, and aired out so that it can dance and shine brightly once more. Shall we dance?


"your poems-they're so fresh and lively, and respectful of both the seriousness and joy at heart of what it means to be a child. I felt an immediate gladness for the young ones who will encounter your words, and if you decide you'd like to, I would love to come alongside you as your poems make their way into the world." 

"...always respectful of children’s experiences, their deep affections and fondest hopes, and she clearly knows and remembers how thrilling-difficult it is to be a little person in a very big world. She comes alongside young ones and invites them to grow upward without ever talking down to them. One of Kristin’s most characteristic and lovely gifts."

"...your obvious fondness for words and nature and the young at heart, regardless of age, animates your lines in the loveliest way."

"...Kristin’s poems reach out to rescue lost souls, misfits, or those who are isolated by their own self-doubt. This kindness and refusal to let loneliness win is one of the great gifts of her work. I can imagine that there are many children out there who are in need of her words of reassurance and comfort. This is such a lovely mission to embark upon!"

"Wonderings, Wanderings, Musings and Ponderings"

A Weekly Wonder for the young at heart
(who said anything about age?)

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Parenting Expert, Intuitive Guide and Author
Weave Sunshine Publishing Founder

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