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Weekly Wonders

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

The Weekly Wonders are meant to be pondered alongside your little ones through exploration and play.

So head outside and follow some animal tracks. Take your magnifying glass and binoculars to look for evidence. Check out relevant library books (my monthly seasonal booklists could be of assistance) and dig in. Let yourself wander and see what can you discover in this big, beautiful world of ours!

When you're finished wondering, wandering, exploring and discovering, bring your findings home to the group to share the magic with us all. We'd love to see your photos, learn of any special books or other things you found that helped you experience these wonders.


Why do some animals disappear when it snows and others come out to eat from our feeders, forage food and play?

For instance, I see a lot of cardinals when it is actively snowing, but few squirrels. They were all out playing in the cold weather the day before, but once the precipitation began, the critters changed their behaviors.

Who do you see and how does their behavior change? Why do you think that is?

Here are just a few friends at my house who came out to enjoy the snow over the last few days.

This raccoon is the first of the season to come out of hiding (2/6) as it rose above freezing for a few hours today.

A very handsome buck came to check out the scene before his lady friend joined him, as you'll see in the video below.

Our sweet mourning doves- The King of the Feeder

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