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Taxes and Intuition: Podcast #10

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Well, I have come across yet another valuable lesson and an obstruction that has provoked me to analyze, assess and re-evaluate.

For those of you familiar with Human Design and its lingo, this might sound familiar to you, especially if you have Gate 39 in your chart.

I am naturally a troubleshooter.

This is one of my gifts within the 39th Gate. So I am viewing my experience of starting my business and the money that we invested into it as an experiment.

I made the decision to go all in on my business.

My partner was in agreement because he knew that this was what I was my passion, what I am meant to do and where I'm meant to be—my purpose.

Around this time, we had some conversations with a business tax accountant at a recommended firm. This experience led us to make some decisions financially, that we would not have made otherwise.

I do feel that we were sold a bill of goods by this accountant, however, I am not going after this person.

I also realized that they were my teacher in a way.

There could have been some misunderstanding or miscommunication, though my husband and I both heard the same thing. It was not presented clearly, and it was presented in a skewed fashion– I'll leave it at that.

I am not blaming; I'm once again looking at this person and situation as my short-term teacher from whom I can learn and grow as a result.

I am not beating myself up in my mind for making these decisions.

What I am realizing is that I made a financial decision to invest money more freely and easily than before.

It was money I would have invested anyway.

However, the rate at which I invested it and the way I invested it would have been different.

I would have:

-spread it out


I did not listen to my intuition.

Does anyone else have to learn this lesson over and over again in various ways?

It feels like I shut that spout of wisdom off and diverted the flow elsewhere.

Rather than listening to my splenic knowingness, my psychic energy, I shut it off.

I had in my mind, “This is what we're doing because this guy said that and he is the expert” and I made decisions differently as result.

I am not going to say that I regret them.

At the same time, I have decided after this experience that it would have been more pleasant had I made these decisions from my intuition.

Instead, I made them based on what a tax accountant advised me to do and told me was going to happen.

I believe that the interest I am now paying on these investments is a constant opportunity to practice self-love by refraining from beating myself up over this.

I have simply had the glorious opportunity to learn another lesson in life to help me flow more and navigate the waters of this life with less resistance and more knowingness.

Bringing this back around to our children:

It is really important that our children see us processing all types of experiences.

They don’t need to see or know every detail.

What will be a blessing to them and equip them to be their own good guide in life is for them to know that we are taking the time to process things that don't seem to go the way we intended for them to go..

When they see us allowing ourselves the opportunity to work through the seeming messiness of things not going the way we were hoping that they would, they get real life lessons themselves.

When they hear us speaking kindly to ourselves and of others, not blaming anyone or playing the role of victim when things don’t go the way we wanted for them to go, they gain tools.

When our children see us learning, going back and really trying to glean and grow from these situations, they experience an adult processing life in a healthy way with their heart and they log that into their own little hearts and nervous systems.

When we don’t shift the blame, or point the finger at another or ourselves, everyone grows.

When we don’t beat ourselves up (or anyone else for that matter), love prevails.

Our children can be eye witnesses of us modeling for them how to take these situations that aren’t our favorites and make them into opportunities to expand ourselves.

They get to watch us take the opportunity to choose differently next time.

It’s healthy for them to know that maybe we realize we didn't like the way this turned out and we don't prefer this and now we've learned that.

Next time, we will choose different things or things differently—either way, they get to be a part of that too.

Those are many profound lessons that we can pass on to the next generation.

You know what else is a profound lesson?

When we don’t do these things, when it feels too hard or we’re just so upset or our nervous systems are so out of whack that we can’t seem to do what we want to do or even think straight.

It’s okay….it’s all an opportunity to learn what works, what you like, what you don’t and to choose differently next time.

Fall on your face, do it “wrong”…..

…the wonderful thing about life is that it is always creating more life…that means more opportunities to try again.

No “school” other than life and love can teach this stuff….. Can I get an “Amen!”? ;)

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