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January favorites

with original recommendations, descriptions and references by Kristin Addington Culpepper (Parenting Expert and Author)

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Before Morning

Another we can all relate to as we have at some point wished for snow to slow down our days, keep our loved ones close and experience a little out of the ordinary magic that snow can provide. The illustrations are refreshingly unique. Pilots and their families can especially relate to the story line.

Carl's Snowy Afternoon

This series was one we read all of and were never disappointed in the adventures of this nanny dog, Carl, and his charge.  So much fun to read these- the illustrations do most of the “telling”.

Froggy Gets Dressed_cropped.jpg

Winter is the Warmest Season

It feels as though both the illustrations and words in this book just wrap you up like a big cozy blanket.  They draw you right in and snuggle you up.  This is a book my children have always enjoyed, although adults will feel just as snug as they take it in.

Owl Moon

The Snowy Day

Anyone who has heard and owl’s call or seen one in flight can attest to just how majestic, mysterious and intriguing the creatures are.  Setting out on a dark night in hopes to find a sign of one is such an exciting adventure!  It’s also hard work to not be seen or heard by the owl. Wonderful story of a father and daughter on an owling expedition.

Simple, relatable and strong characters and adventures on one snowy day. A classic, for sure and the illustrations are not on US postage stamps by mistake! 

The Wish Tree

Ten Ways to Hear Snow

This one reminds us that anything is possible, wishes do come true and we just have to surround ourselves by those who support this way of thinking! This one will warm your heart.

A little girl experiences snow with all her senses, really learns to listen in the quiet of the snow and visits her beloved grandma to make and share a special meal together.  The family is Lebanese, which gives those who are not, a wonderful opportunity to peek into their culture and world a bit.

Froggy Gets Dressed

This has always been one of our favorites!  Parents and children alike can very much relate to poor Froggy’s experience!  Giggles galore- especially if you give the characters some great voices. ;)

Frog and Toad All Year

An all-time favorite and go-to for guffaws.  Kind of like the amphibious “Ernie and Bert”! ;). 

The Snow Dancer

Anyone who enjoys dancing, spinning and twirling will want to snuggle up with this book.  

Mice Skating

Ollie's Ski Trip

Beautiful illustrations with a wonderful color palette as well as lots of hidden gems for the cheese connoisseur. You could make a whole lesson about cheese out of this one- not the point, though! There are a few books in this series.

Another magical tale from the land of Sweden, that involves ice family, ice skates, and characters such as Father Winter and Jack Frost, whom Ollie meets along the way.  The classic Elsa Beskow illustrations that we know and love.  This is one I not only put in the childrens’ winter reading basket each year, but also found worth displaying on our nature table or book shelf for the season.

The Winter Visitors

The illustrations really tell the story in this one and the words are few.  This is one that allows the “I wonder…” to come alive in you.  Our family likes to be up north in the woods where moose, elk and bear wander and it’s fun to imagine what these animals do when we are not there to rain on their parade!  A good lesson in “sharing”…. ;)

Bunny Slopes

Silly and very interactive book- even my 12 year old though it was cute!

The Gruffalo's Child

Snowmen at Night

Ever wonder what snowmen do at night?  Well, this might give you a few ideas!

Part of the Gruffalo series, this offers suspense, silliness and gives us an idea as to how tall tales can begin.

There Was a Cold Lady Who
Swallowed Some Snow

In the Snow

Mina's White Canvas

In the same vein as Harold and the Purple Crayon, Mina uses her imagination to create a winter wonderland full of whimsy, adventure and friends.  

The faith of a child that is unwavering, despite all the nay-sayers.  Let it snow!!!

No Two Alike

As we visit a winter landscape, we are reminded that everything and everyone is fabulously unique!

Stranger in the Woods:
A Photographic Fantasy (Nature)

A delightful story of the forest animals' reactions to the “stranger” who has suddenly appeared in the woods and the discovering of this new neighbor.  Really adorable with beautiful photography- a unique book.

Little Witch Hazel
A Year in the Forest

Big Snow

The Mitten

Written and illustrated by a homeschooler- relatable, nostalgic and steeped in nature and the imagination. One story per season- see my Around the Year booklist for more ideas for books celebrating all the seasons. In the “Winter” section of this book, Hazel lovingly makes house calls on her forest friends who are in need of a midwife or healer and then finds herself in quite the predicament.  Thankfully, there is a happy ending. ;). 

A remarkably illustrated book, which is predictable of author/illustrator Jan Brett.  Once again, she traveled “to the scene” of where her story might have taken place. This is an old Ukranian folktale that has been rightfully celebrated and recreated in many ways throughout time.

A very relatable story for anyone who has ever anticipated the joys and wonder of snow!  It can be so hard to be patient and stay on task with such potential excitement in the air.

Snow Comes to the Farm

A true story of a boy’s memory of one special first snow.  The painted illustrations draw you right into the scene and farm life, the forest, family and home.  You can really feel the storm approaching, the snow falling, the animals, trees and the wonder and grace of it all.

The Reader

The Complete Brambly Hedge
(Winter Story)

The Winter book in a darling series with cozy illustrations that are a feast for the eyes.  It is always fun to check in with the critters at Brambly Hedge to see what they’re up to each season. If you like Beatrix Potter and her characters and stories, you’ll certainly enjoy this crowd. The link for the treasury can be found on my Around the Year booklist.

A boy, his dog, a book, a sled, some snow and a big hill- such a dear book…..about hard work, play, companionship, reading and the joy in it all.


The Snow Globe Family

Red Sled

Wolf in the Snow



The Story of the Snow Children

Terrible Storm

The Biggest Snowman Ever

Katy and the Big Snow


The Missing Mitten Mystery

The Snowman

Over and Under the Snow

Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee

This is part of a series and if you SING it together- it can be a lot of fun….and you might become a bit winded so be prepared!

LOVE is in the air!

by Kristin Addington Culpepper
Parenting Expert and Author

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